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1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode

Gestion financière

Type de contrat
Temps plein - CDI - APE

Date de clôture des candidatures


Rue botanique, 75
1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode


Gestion financière Saint-Josse-ten-Noode Bruxelles 1210

Description de l’ASBL, institution

DMI – Institutional Fundraiser (h/f/x)

Doctors of the World Belgium (DotW-BE) is a medical NGO member of the international network of Doctors of the World. The DotW-BE delegation implements humanitarian and development projects in Belgium and the countries of the South.
Our NGO treats the most vulnerable populations, victims of natural disasters, refugees, minority peoples, street children and all those excluded from health care. As international solidarity association, Doctors of the World testifies to barriers to access to care, human rights violations and dignity.

Poste à pourvoir

Contrat : Temps plein - CDI - APE

DMI – Institutional Fundraiser (h/f/x)

Under the supervision of the Director of Operations, you actively approach backers and foundations at the European level and manage grants with the different partners.
As a Fundraiser
To develop and set up a partnership network with institutional backers
In order to
Guarantee new funding opportunities for the MdM network
Examples of tasks:
• To make pro-active contacts with potential backers in Brussels at the level of the "European sphere", in a first time for operations in Europe
• To take care of and communicate European funding opportunities internally and with potential partners (e.g. other Delegations of DotW, DotW partner ...)
• To contact foundations to identify their project portfolio and grant terms and conditions
• Proactively developping and maintaining a database of your contacts as well as decription sheets of the respective partners.
• To capitalize relevant information on required procedures, rules and standards

As a Manager
To prepare, drow up and submit dossiers responding to calls for proposals on the basis of information provided by project managers and external partners
In order to
Ensure strict compliance with the requirements (contents, criteria, indicators, disposition, duration, etc.) of the backers
Examples of tasks:
• To act as a focal point for backers and partners
• To manage and monitor (co-) financing contracts;
• To consolidate and submit periodic and final narrative and financial reports, according to the requirements of institutional backers;
• To coordinate European calls writing processes with different partners
• To carry out the circularization of contractual documents internally for signature, as well as with other network members and partners
• To collect, classify and archive backer-related administrative information and partnership contracts (MOU): history of relations, written communications, audit follow-up, follow-up of proposals, agreements, amendments, etc.
• In collaboration with the finance department, to supply the backer database and participate in the planning and organization of audits
• To prepare the Project Committee documents, for validation to the Management Committee, in collaboration with other departments

As a Specialist in the Operations Department
To provide quality information to partners on European funding mechanisms and their reporting framework
In order to
Develop a real knowledge and technical expertise at the service of the DotW network
Examples of tasks:
• To act as a focal point for facilitating inter-delegation relations of funded projects (eg organizing regular communication points between delegations)
• To plan, prepare, facilitate and communicate the official reports of meetings, necessary for the development of files
• To ensure compliance with the eligibility and quality criteria of the proposals (i.e official templates, administrative forms, specific bank accounts, annexes of general information and / or constituting reports ...)
• To ensure an efficient communication of information related to the approached backers, with the General Services and Marketing Directorates
• To conduct project visits to analyze needs, gather relevant information, ensure compliance with contractual obligations and make contingent adjustments at the time of the implementation of funding
• To support and assist partners in preparing and submitting funding files, including for monitoring.
• Actively participating in internal meetings and provide useful elements for decision-making, as well as in events of the international network of DotW and associative members (eg Mission Week, GA, thematic working groups ...)
• To supervise, coach, guide, train, evaluate trainee staff on tasks related to the followed files

These responsibilities will be implemented in a specific and transversal way, on the basis of the annual individual action plan, established in collaboration between the manager and the holder of the post in question.

• Permanent contract ; full time
• A dynamic and international framework
• A salary related to your profile and your experience
• An extra-legal benefits package

Profil recherché, Compétences, Formations, Expérience

• Master in: political science, development, management, legal, ...
• IT: mastery of Office package
• Language: fluency in French and English (excellent level of oral and written communication) Knowledge of Dutch is an additional asset;
• Knowledge of NGO funding mechanisms as well as specific characteristics of European backers;
• Similar professional experience and / or management of subsidised projects of at least three years;
• Excellent writing skills, ability to establish clear, concise and accurate files, understanding of budgeting mechanisms
• Ability to work independently with a results-based approach.
• Proactive, dynamic, collective and innovative attitude

Comment postuler

Please send your application (CV and cover letter) by the appropriate application form on our website via the link below, before 10/05/2018:
https://www.medecinsdumonde.be/application-2018-04-dmi -–- institutional-fundraiser-siege
Only selected candidates will be contacted.
MdM thanks you for the interest in our organization and wishes you every success in your path.
MdM-BE reserves the right to finalize a recruitment before the closing date of receipt of applications.

Date de clôture des candidatures :

Plus d'infos : www.medecinsdumonde.be/vacatures/hq-dmi-%E2%80%93-institutional-fundraiser-hfx

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Rue botanique, 75
1210 Saint-Josse-ten-Noode
Tél : 02/225.43.00

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